Friday, March 16, 2012

Mezzanine Media Group (MMG) is a Seattle-based cooperative of media professionals organized to share workspace, resources, and industry knowledge in order to help individual members better serve their clients.  We provide a secure, quiet, and comfortable workspace suitable for freelancers, small businesses, and sole proprietors looking to benefit from moving their operation to an integrated, client-friendly working environment in one of the most eclectic parts of the City.

The MMG space is located in the heart of the University District just north of the intersection of University Way and 45th Street Northeast.  Totaling 840 square feet, the space consists of a large main workspace with glass-top desks, two edit suites, a conference room, a bathroom, and a secure space for gear and valuables.   The space is fully connected and insured.
The view of MMG from the entry. conference room and small edit suite to the left, the main work space, and the large edit suite to the right.
What you see when you enter the 'main space' - there are 4 desks in the room with a teakettle, ipod boombox, a 42" flat screen/DVD player, wireless internet, VOIP phone and a single, lonely plant.
the other 2 desks in the 'main space. the wood topped piece is shared storage/workspace.
looking back towards the entrance of the main space
The 'Red Edit' Suite features an 8 core Mac Pro running FCP 7/Motion/AE/Photoshop, etc with 2 22" 1080p monitors. A Blackmagic Intensity Card drives the 42" Plasma screen which can be used as an external monitor from the timeline.
The 'Green Edit' suite (the 2 walls that you can't see in the photo are painted green) is set up with a 42" panasonic plasma with a DVI/HDMI adapter that allows you to use the Plasma as a second monitor for your laptop.
The conference room is flooded with natural light, and also features a nice Canon photo printer.

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